Takt Time is the expected pace that a system should operate in order to meet the customer demand. It varies based on the customer demand. For any standard available hours for production, when the demand is high the takt time will be low and when the demand is low it will be high.

Takt time helps in planning the required man power for an efficient man power utilization. It helps in maintaining a constant production output flow and helps in setting realistic targets. It helps to standardize the work there by resulting in improved productivity.

Calculation Takt time

Takt time


Let us consider a process manufacturing Mobile phones. The demand from the customer on an day is 1240 Nos.

The net available time for production is as follows:

Shift Hours – 8 Hours = 480 Minutes

Lunch Break = 30 Minutes

So Net available time for production is

= 480 – 30 Minutes

= 450 Minutes

To find takt time

Takt Time = (Net Time Available for Production)/(Customer’s Daily Demand)

= 450 / 1240

= 0.36 Minutes (ie 21.77 seconds)

The process must be producing the mobile phone at a rate of 21.77 seconds per mobile so that the customer demand can be met.

You can calculate Takt time for your requirements below


Takt Time vs productivity.

Since Takt time is a measure of the rate at which a product or service needs to be produced in order to meet customer demand. It is used to align production rates with customer demand, and can be used to improve productivity by ensuring that resources are used efficiently and waste is minimized. By understanding and managing takt time, manufacturers can ensure that they are producing the right amount of product at the right time, which can lead to increased efficiency and productivity. Additionally, takt time can be used to identify and eliminate bottlenecks in the production process, which can also improve productivity.

In the above example 21.77 seconds will be the bottle neck of the process and hence 1240 components are achievable in the said process. To improve the process production quantity to meet the customer needs this bottle neck time has to be brought down by various process improvements.

Hope the blog has helped you to understand Takt tiime its calculations and the importance in improving productivity. Please leave a comment about your learning with us.

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