Mean Time To Repair is the average time to complete a repair activity after a breakdown has happened in the workplace. The time for calculation is considered from the exact time of breakdown to the time the equipment or machine is completely fully functional.

Mean Time To Repair

MTTR includes the time taken to inform the maintenance technicians of a stoppage, troubleshooting the failure, rectifying the problem, testing and handing over the machine after completion of the repair activity.

Mean time to repair (MTTR) gives a overall picture of how quickly the maintenance team can respond to and repair unplanned breakdowns in the workplace.This results in how quickly the machine will be available for production after a breakdown. Lower the MTTR the quicker the machine is available for production.

Calculating MTTR

MTTR is calculated using the formula

MTTR = Total Downtime hours / Number of  breakdown occurrence.

Total downtime hours indicates the breakdown hours for the period considered for the calculation.

Number of breakdown occurrence is the number of times breakdown has happened in the given period of time.

.Example of MTTR calculation

Let us look at an example to understand how to calculate the Mean Time to repair for a month time period

Total breakdown time in a month : 1460 minutes

Number of times breakdown occurred in a month = 12

MTTR = Total Downtime hours / Number of  breakdown occurrence.

= 1460 / 12

= 121.7 Minutes.

The MTTR indicates the time taken to repair an equipment therefore in the above example the equipment or machine will not be available for every time the machine is down. This information can be interrelated with the Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF) and useful data can be inferred. As MTBF of 1887.5 minutes (click here for MTBF calculation example) indicates that the equipment is likely to breakdown after every 1887.5 minutes and  the MTTR calculated above indicates that every time the machine is breakdown after 1887.5 minutes it will take 121.7 minutes to repair the equipment to resume production.

Lower the MTTR, More efficient the maintenance procedure.

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