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Check sheet is a type of document for organizing and collecting data in a real-time process. The data is collected in the Gemba where the data is generated.


Data are observations, facts, events and opinions. The data we collected can either represent the qualitative or quantitative information of the process. When the data collected is quantitative, the check sheet is also called as tally sheet.

Data play a vital role in the decision towards problem solving. With Data there are many opinions, without data there is only one fact. This indicates the importance of the data in solving problems.

The check will be very ideal for use when the data can be observed and collected repeatedly either by the same person or the same location.

The Check sheet helps is analyzing the data for corrective and preventive actions. It also helps to take appropriate decision just by looking at the data in a glance to control the product and process related defects. Check sheets also helps as inputs for the Bar graph, Histogram, Pareto Chart etc

The 7 QC tools help in solving problems very effectively. Check sheet helps in analyzing and collection of data from the process. Data provides the ability to determine where we are and where we want to go.

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