How do i become a successful design engineer?

Design Engineer is what most of the Engineers wanted them to be called as. Most of the Students pursuing engineering have this title in their heart and mind.

Every aspect of what you think, so you become is true, However the preparations from oneself is very important to making ones dream come true.

What does a design engineer do?

The Designer gives the solution to the Engineering Problems.This involves research and Development of solutions to the problems faced by the customers.

Design Engineer

Here let us discuss the important skills and knowledge required

A Designer is required to have a creative problem solving skills. For any given problems that are always many solutions. But what separates the Best Designer from the whole bunch of designers is the creative solution to the problem. The design process outcome is expected to be innovative and also simple.

Today there is lot of advancement happening in the Designing tools. Proficient knowledge in using Computer Aided Design (CAD), CATIA, MATLAB, ZW3D etc.is required to become a Design engineer. Engineering Drawing is the language for the engineers. A Designer is expected to be a very good communicator in terms of Engineering Drawing.

Knowledge of the Product being designed and the Manufacturing process which the product is about to be machined. This is one very important area every designer must develop his or her knowledge. The Designer with the knowledge of the Product and Process will be able to understand the functional and Manufacturing difficulties. This will avoid unnecessary complication in the designed product.

What does a Designer have to do daily on his Job?

Research – The More you research the more you have facts about a product or process. This knowledge base helps us in being innovative and creative during the design process.

Designing – This is the execution part creating a model or a system. The knowledge base gained during the research will help in keeping the Design innovative and Simple.

Testing – Testing the products for the function and understanding the product performance based on the customer requirements is one important function of the Design engineer.

Hope this simple write up gave a clear insights on what to focus to be a successful Designer in any of a manufacturing Industries.

If you have some thing to say more on this please feel free to post your views in the comment section.

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