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Pareto principle is a prediction that 80% of effects come from 20% of causes. This is simply known as 80-20 principle. The Pareto Principle helps you realize the fact that the majority of results are and outcome from a minority of inputs.

Pareto Principle

In the Problem solving process identification or selection of the problem is one important step. There are various problems in the shop floor which need our attention to taken up for development of solution. Pareto chart is mainly used to select problems based on priority so that the focus is on the most significant problem or cause.

Problem solving requires time and effort of an entire team. The results are based on the right problem selection and the problem solving approach. When a less benefiting and unimportant problem is selected and resolved the productivity is always low. Hence it is important to select the problem on the top priority. The Pareto Chart helps in identifying the Vital few from the Trivial Many.

When there are various problems or activities to be done the same is described in quantitatively first. The then a pareto chart is drawn and the vital few is inferred from it.

Let us look at the pareto chart given below for the Defects that are out of a painting process. Our objective is to reduce the overall painting defects in the paint shop.

Pareto Chart

We understand from the above pareto chart that out of the Eight defects listed, three defects namely Lt Spray, Runs and Drips contribute to the 80% of the total defects in the paint shop. The top priority in looking for solutions is to be given to the three defects that are contributing to the 80% of the overall paint shop defects.

Pareto Chart helps us to prioritize what should be done first, which problems needs attention first so that the result of the action taken is the most productive one.

We believe the content posted above has helped you to learn the basic explanation about the Pareto Chart which is one of the important tool of the 7QC Tools. We would be glad to hear your comments in the comments section below.

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