Poka Yoke – Types of Poka Yoke

Poka Yoke is a Japanese word which means Mistake Proofing or Error proofing. It is the system for Prevention and Detection of mistakes in any process.

This concept was originally introduced by Shigeo Shingo in the 1960s and implemented at Toyota.

poka yoke

In common phrase we say “To err is Human”. This literally means that Human beings are tend to make mistakes which is naturally accepted one.

Imagine a mistake a by pilot who failed to ensure the Fuel level before take off !. The cost of this mistake is very huge as hundreds of Human Life will be put in Danger. How ever as a Human being, the Pilot who is responsible to ensure the fuel level before take off is a Human Being and he is tend to do mistakes.

To ensure that there is a safety system which prevents a mistake from happening the concept of Poka Yoke ie Mistake proofing is widely used. In this case a sensor which will detect the fuel level and stop the Airplane to be started when the level is low will be a ideal mistake proofing system. Only when the fuel level is at expected level the Airplane will start.

Let us see some examples in our Daily Life.

Every one uses a Pen drive and every one does the mistake of inserting the same in the wrong direction in the USB port. Even the fact is that no one is doing it intentionally, Inserting the Pen drive in a wrong direction in the USB is a Mistake.

The system that prevents it from getting inserted into the USB port is called the Mistake proofing system. This eliminated the chances of the mistake happening at the process and prevents any damage to the user of the product.

Types of Poka Yoke

Poka Yoke is basically classified into two types.


In the prevention type of Poka Yoke the mistake is controlled or Avoided before happening at the work place.

Example: Inserting a Pendrive in the USB slot. Mistake is avoided from happening.

Poka yoke


In the detection type of Poka Yoke the defective part or process is identified for further action.

Example: Few cars does not start unless we have bucked the seat belt. A detection is made if seat belt is not buckled when the vehicle is started and the mistake is avoided.

Poka yoke

Hope you would have understood the concepts behind the Poka Yoke and their types.

If you had taken something for you from the post. let me know by submitting your comments below about what is that you have learnt from the above content.

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