Various departments in Manufacturing Industries are

  • Engineering Research and Development (ER&D)
  • Manufacturing Systems Engineering (MSE)
  • New Products Development (NPD)
  • Manufacturing Department
  • Quality Department
  • Maintenance Department
  • Marketing Department
  • Human Resources Development (HRD)
  • Personnel Department
  • Finance Department

various departments

Let us learn the function of various departments in detail.

Engineering Research and Development (ER&D)

The function of the Engineering Research and Development (ER&D) is to monitor the new trends developing in the market place and develop new products, Upgrade the design of the existing products, do testing to understand the product functions. The ER&D plays a vital role in keeping the industry products competitive.

Manufacturing Systems Engineering (MSE)

The team of Manufacturing Systems Engineering (MSE) will be responsible to design the process for the manufacturing. The process that has to be adopted, design of tools and machines that are to be used, Inspection method that has to be practiced in an manufacturing process are decided by the MSE team. The product trails are done and once the product is proved to be capable after capabilities studies the process is handed over to the production team for mass production.

New Products Development (NPD)

The New products Development department are responsible for the development of the product from the market inputs to development of the product and reaching the customers. The lead time in development of the product from idea to a product in real is the challenging task of the NPD team.

Manufacturing Department

Manufacturing department is involved in the conversion of the raw material to a finished product. The process plan is given by the MSE team and the manufacturing team does the manufacturing, assembly, inspection, packing of the products as per the process plan.

Production of parts, assembly, testing and packing of the parts will be covered under the manufacturing Department.

Quality Department

The Quality Department ensures the proper deployment of the Quality management Systems that is in practice to ensure that the quality of the products produced are acceptable by the customer. The Quality Management ensures Quality Planning, Quality assurance, Quality control and Quality improvements are practiced in the organization.

Maintenance Department:

The Function of the Maintenance department is to ensure the machines and equipment in the organization are in good working condition. The maintenance department carries out various maintenance activities such as Preventive maintenance, Break down maintenance, Time based maintenance etc to keep the down time minimal in the organization.

Marketing Department

The Function of the Marketing department is to find out the need of the customer and fulfill the need with the products and services of the organization. This involves market research, setting prices, finding distribution channels, advertisements etc.

Human Resources Development (HRD)

The function of the Human resources Development is to ensure the Human resources in the industry are competent to perform the assigned activities. This involves Recruiting right people, training of existing people and motivating the people for the performance to improve their performance.

Personnel Department

The Function of the personnel department is to ensure the people working in the industry are Happy and safe. Meeting the safety measures, legal requirements and the welfare activities are the important function of the Personnel department,

Finance Department

The Function of the Finance Department is to acquire funds, manage and re distribute the funds based on the budget planned for the financial year. Finance Department is responsible for the documentation of the assets in the organization. Finance departments processes and monitors the revenue spending of the organization and ensure to keep them under the budgeted value.

These are the various departments and their functions in a manufacturing Industry.

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