Top 3 Technical Interview questions for Fresh Mechanical Engineers

Interview questions are something which requires good preparation to land yourself in a Job. Today  getting an opportunity to attend an interview is becoming a challenging one. How do i prepare my self for the Technical interview? Well there is a lot of things to be discussed in the context of preparing for an interview, However we are here to learn the Top 3 Interview questions for a Fresh Mechanical Engineering Graduate.

The Interview process has various components which are common for all the group of people. We are focused to understand the Top 3 questions for Fresh mechanical Engineers in the Technical round.


What is your favorite subject?

The question may look simple and have no point for being asked in an technical Interview. However this question helps the Interviewer about your what you are Interested in. This question has to be answered properly exhibiting your area of interest in Engineering. If you are interviewed for an opening for an Design Engineer and when you answer the question What is your favorite subject? as Engineering Graphics and Design, you have given a insight that a right candidate is interviewed for the position of a Design Engineer. In other way if you are answering that you are interested in manufacturing process and you give a message to the interviewer that you may be suitable for a manufacturing Engineer role rather than a Designer Engineer position for which you are interviewed for.

So Based on the interest or based on the position you are interviewed for you make choose to answer the question appropriately.

Explain about your Project which was done during your Final semester of your Engineering Course.

As a fresher you may feel you don’t have any field experience, but for the Engineering industries your project work is considered as the Field experience for you as you are a fresher from a college.The things you should be prepared about your project are

  • The Objective of the Project
  • The Innovation and creative aspects of your project.
  • The components that are used in the project.
  • The challenges that you faced in completing your project.
  • The Learning that happened during the project

These information will help the interviewer your caliber in managing a task, your technical knowledge and you skill in applying your knowledge. It is better to have a go through of your entire project before attending a Interview.


Product and Process knowledge of the organization that you are interviewed.

The third important question is to understand the knowledge of the Product and Process of the organization that you are being interviewed. A small research has to be done by yourself before attending the interview about the Product and Process of the industry that is interviewing you. The interviewer may ask about the Product and their function. For example if you are interviewed by a Steering manufacturing company, you may expect questions on the types of steering, Mechanisms that are involved, Importance of the product etc.

Also few idea about the process of the Industries will also help you to answer technical questions. For example if the industry that is interviewing you has a CNC machining hub, it is very important that you must be prepared about few basic questions on CNC machining and Programming.

A good preparation on all the above three questions will help you to get through the Technical round in any interview you are about to attend.

We hope the above information will be useful to yourself in preparing for a interview. Kindly let us know what is the key taking from the above content with your comments below.

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